Guidelines for Educational Primers

1. Background for each Page should be #e2e2e2 Code..

2. All Text should be in Black.

3. All the primers files should be made and saved under directory /local/marcweb/htdocs.This helps in locating the files easily after the students has graduated.

4. There should be a graphical Navigator Bar at Top of each page and a Text Navigator Bar at the bottom.This provides for easy browsing between the pages.

5. Avoid using any gifs to draw any colorful lines, use hr Tag instead.Pages load much faster with less no. of gifs.

6. Avoid Image Maps as far as possible, but if it is unavoidable use ALT Tag in case an image gif is not supported by a browser.

7. All colorful bullets should be either of the three following gifs: Red.gif, Green.gif, Yellow.gif. These are under the following directory: /local/marcweb/htdocs.

8. Avoid using any "Blink Tag, Java Scripts, Java Applets".

9. There should be Last Modified Information(date) on each Page.

10. There should be link to Web Master Account at the bottom of each page.

11 If the page involves many gifs (like Graphs, Diagrams etc.) then make different files for each section and use external images, so that all the gifs don't have to load at the same time.