Non-Circular Turning:

Non-circular turning is the process by which the tool is displaced during machining to cause the cross section of the workpiece to be non-circular, such as an oval or elipse. Through the use of a controller the profile can be a function of angular position as shown in the figure below. A typical control structure needed to produce that shape is also shown below.

We have turned some different profiles using this system. By inputting a sinusoid into the actuator, non-circular parts are machined. Currently we are working to improve the system by incorporating the CNC Lathe's encorder signal so that the profile will can be a function of angular position, as in the above figure.

THe figures are highly exagerated so that the geomtrical differences can be seen. The actual differences between a true circle and the shapes shown is about 8 microns. The amount of deviation that can be achieved is dependant on the size of the actuator.

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