Application of NC

NC has been used in a variety of applications. Acomplete list of application is probably not possible but such a list would have to include the following:

By far the most common application of the numerical control is for metal cutting machine tools. Within the category alone,NC equipment  has been built to perform virtually the entire range of material removal processes including: Some numerical control application is illutrated below :
The versatility that can be aquired by combining NC with metal cutting machine tools is best represented by the NC Machining Center. The machining center incorporates several time saving features into one machine tool to achive a high level of automated yet flexible production. First a machining center is capable of performing a variety of different operations: drilling,tapping,reaming,milling and boring. Secong it has the capacity to change tools automated under tape command. A variety of machining operations means that variety of cutting tools are required The tools are kept in a tool drum or the other tool holding device . When the tape calls a particular tool the drum rotates to position the tool for insertion into the spindle. The automatic tool changer  then grasps the tool and places it into the spindle chuck.

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