Designs based on Parallel Robotic Manipulators



Stewart Platform

Parallel Manipulators are mechanisms whose end effector and base are connected by more than one link. The simplest parallel manipulator is the four bar linkage.The two figures given above are also examples of parallel manipulators. The left figure is a six degree of freedom called the Stewart Platform.

 The Parallel Manipulators are in general more rigid than serial manipulators and display a higher degree of accuracy. Parallel Structures like the Stewart Platform or three limbed spatial mechanisms display very high stiffness for very small masses. Moreover their positioning accuracy is quite high.

 These characteristics of parallel manipulators make them suitable for machine tool applications. Manipulators which have raised particular interest for machine tool applications are 3 degree of freedom parallel spatial structures, the Stewart Platform and other 6 degree of freedom structures.

 Unlike the serial manipulators, parallel manipulators have very simple inverse kinematics but tougher direct kinematics.