a perl5 class library for handling output from the SGMLS and NSGMLS parsers (version 1.03)

Welcome to, an extensible perl5 class library for processing the output from the sgmls and nsgmls parsers. is free, copyrighted software available by anonymous ftp in the directory You might also want to look at the documentation for sgmlspl, a simple sample script which uses to convert documents from SGML to other formats.

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  • What is
  • How do I produce SGML documents?
  • How do I program in perl5?
  • How do I use
  • So what do I do with an event?
  • What are the different event types and data?
  • What do I do with an SGMLS_Element?
  • What do I do with an SGMLS_Attribute?
  • What do I do with an SGMLS_Entity?
  • What do I do with an SGMLS_Notation?
  • Is there any extra information available from the SGML document?
  • How about a simple example?
  • How do I design my own classes?
  • Are there any bugs?
  • David Megginson <>