sgmlspl: a simple post-processor for SGMLS and NSGMLS (for use with version 1.03)

Welcome to sgmlspl, a simple sample perl5 application which uses the class library.

  • Terms
  • What is sgmlspl?
  • How do I install sgmlspl on my system?
  • Is sgmlspl the best way to convert SGML documents?
  • How does the specification file tell sgmlspl what to do?
  • What about the handler argument?
  • What are the generic events?
  • What are the specific events?
  • Why does sgmlspl use output instead of print?
  • How do I use push_output?
  • How do I use pop_output?
  • How about an example for output?
  • Is there an easier way to make specification files?
  • How should I handle forward references?
  • Are there any bugs?
  • David Megginson <>