Guidelines for Personnel Home Pages


Under Construction

1.On the first page there should be two options, one going to each of the following sections


This is your personnel section . It includes your personnel information.


This is information from your personnel section but more of a professional look.It contains information about your research, publications, academic honors , GTAs can have a teaching section here (which includes information helpful for their students) , any industrial experience can be included here.

2. On the first page there should be information about your complete address. See page for the "Where to find me section".

3. Make a seperate directory and files for pictures and all the gifs should be placed under that.

4. Everyone should have resume published on the web. The preferred name of the file is resume.html.

5. There should be last updated information with e-mail address on the bottom of first page.

6. Try to use white or some light color background . The file which is used as a background for this page is chalk.jpg is in /local/marcweb/docs/ directory.

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