Here at Michigan Technological University, turning research is being conducted in three areas:

  1. Non-Circular Turning
  2. Vibration Abatement
  3. Chatter Suppression

Our Equipment:

Our Actuator/Flexor system uses a magnetostrictive material known as Terfenol-D to provide nearly instantaneous elongation. The cutting tool is mounted in an aluminum flexor, which provides motion similar to a hinge, but without friction or backlash.

We have a pentium based pc that is used to control the elongation of the actuator, a Power Amplifier to provide the necessary current to the actuator, and a compliment of sensors, including: Load Cells, Acceleromenters, a displacement sensor, and other equipment. The total actuation system has a bandwidth of 1.8 kHz.

Here is a picture of the actuator in operation. The material being cut is an aluminum alloy. The actuator/flexor system is mounted to the tool holder turret of MTU's CNC lathe. We hope to have a video soon....better wear your safety glasses!!

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