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Chip charts are used to determine what cutting conditions are required to ensure that chips of the proper morphology are produced. Chip charts are for a particular tool or other parameter.

The image below is for a Kennametal tool at a particular speed and workpiece material. Although this picture is a bit fuzzy, you can see that the horizontal axis (defining the columns) lists the depth of cut. The DOC range is from .015" to .150". Two values are listed; the English value, and the metric value (in parenthesis). At the upper right hand corner is an inch scale. You can see that this is a reduced image. The values on the left hand side (defining the rows) are the feed in inches per revolution (mm per rev in parenthesis). The range is from .003" to .025".

The chip chart shows that at the left margin of the chart, giving a low depth of cut, we get tubular chips. With low feeds (the topmost row of the chart) we get tubular chips up to a DOC of .025", and then we get unbroken snarl (ribbon) chips. The desirable chips are located in a broad area of the center of the chart. A manufacturer would set his feed and depth of cut, when possible, to the values of the center of the chart.


Insert Style: 	CNMG-432LF	Test: 	R2019
Insert Dwg:   	315910R00	Date: 	30-AUG-1994
Grade:	      	KC935		Test Req. By K. Niebauer

Work Material:	1045		No Coolant
Hardness:     	220 BHN Max
Cutting Speed:	500 SFM

Toolholder:   	DCLNR-124D
Lead Angle:    -5

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